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Text Neck Syndrome

GHLK mats

This is our best selling model! Enjoy the lowest price on a full body mat without compromising quality. At 72” x 24” this mat covers your whole body while you are lying still on it. If you wish to sleep on it and may roll over consider a larger mat. This mat is held in place with mesh so you wouldn’t have to worry about any new product smell. It is comfortable, can be rolled and is shipped folded. Use it on the floor or on top of your bed.

This mat has the ideal combination of both tourmaline and jade so you get to enjoy the benefits of both instead of having to choose. Tourmaline has the highest level of negative ions, with slightly lower levels of far infrared. Natural tourmaline is physically similar to charcoal so it cannot be used in its natural state. We crush tourmaline and mix it with ceramic to make tourmaline ceramic. This way it is sturdy and the process also increases the negative ion output. Tourmaline is known to have an energizing effect. Jade is somewhere between the soothing amethyst and the energizing tourmaline. Natural jade is polished and an ideal size is used on the mats.

GHLK mats incorporate a few different systems that reach the common goal of improved health. Each GHLK mat provides negative ions, far infrared rays, and heated gemstones. The gemstones naturally emit negative ions and far infrared, and when heated the stones become activated and provide benefits at a greater level. This is made possible with many functional layers. Essentially, a wire that heats up goes through the mat. That wire is lined with silicon coating that filters bad EMFs from the mat. Additional layers help with heat distribution so the mat heats up evenly all throughout. The bottom layer is a waterproof material, while the top layer is high quality synthetic leather.

For a sauna effect use the mat at 60-70C for about 30 minutes, while covered with a blanket. For overnight use set it to about 45-55C, according to your comfort. It is suggested to place a towel on the mat, instead of lying on the stones directly, to protect the mat from sweat. Human body temperature is approximately 38 degrees Celsius so that would be an ideal point to start. Gradually increase the temperature to test your tolerance. Set your temperature lower for longer usage and higher for shorter periods. Always drink lots of water before, during, and after use to prevent physical effects of dehydration. Safe for pets and children.

Massage Chair

Specially designed for those people who cannot lie down straight on bed due to problems like: Spinal deformities Osteoarthritis, Osteopenia, Osteoporosis Cardiovascular diseases pulmonary disease. We provide the world best class products with perfect design and easy for maintenance in your daily lifestyle.

This Best Massage Chair cum massage bed chair is manufactured using superior grade material and cutting-edge technology in compliance with international quality standards. This Best Massage Chair has iron frame and plastic rail guide. The offered massage bed cum chair is used for designed for massaging the whole body. The application of diverse manual techniques of touch and stroking to muscles and soft tissue to achieve relaxation and to improve the client’s well-being. It relaxes your muscles and is sudorofic, lowers your blood pressure, stimulates circulation, increases dieresis, stimulates lymphatic drainage, releases pain and emotion, gives mental relaxation, aids sleep and facilitates communication

Good Posture

Many times people will overlook the importance of GOOD POSTURE because either they don’t realise the benefits of good posture, or they’ll assume that their incorrect posture is due to genetics and therefore that they cannot change.

It would be a mistake to adopt either view because there are many benefits to correcting your posture and also, bad posture can be corrected through PHYSIOTHERAPY. If you do wish to correct your posture then it’s vital you identify correctly which type of incorrect posture you have developed.

One of the incorrect postures is described below -sway back