This includes use of heat modalities eg ultra sound/Hot packs etc they produce heat to the body tissues to reduce joint stiffness and relief pain and muscles spasm.

The also facilitate healing of the tissues.


It includes therapeutic massage used to relax muscles, drain edema/swelling and improve venous and lymphatic return (circulation).

We also use traction machines and special techniques e.g maitland’s and mulligan techniques to correct musculo-skeletal disorder and relieve pressure from the nerve.

Therapeutic Exercises

We have a variety of exercises designed to fit specific conditions to strenghten the muscles,inaniase stability of the joint, reduce swelling and prevent medical complications.

Sports Injuries

Our staffs are specialized in treating pain and repair of body injuries incurred during sports. Whether its acute trauma or chronic repetitive strain e.g in soccer, hocking,golf etc.

Some common sports injuries include:-

Knee injuries e.g Muscular tear
Muscle sprains and strains
Neck and low back injuries
Fractures just to mention a few

Home based therapy

We offer home services to critically ill patients who are unable to access the clinic on consultation basis.